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Proficiency In English Language

Course IDCourse NameIntakeDuration
KKP0158Proficiency In English LanguageDecember February April June August October1 Month to 12 Month



In today’s globalized society, English is frequently the language of business, science and international exchange. Fluency in English is increasingly essential in the workplace, especially in managerial and executive positions. Many employers now require that their employees be able to carry out a wide range of work related tasks and deal with complex social and professional situations in English.

A professional team of innovative corporate and academic experts responded to the dynamism of a world that has gone global, by creating English Language learning programs which bring together pedagogy and practice. Our programmes do not promote generic type of teaching as we recognize that each student is unique.


The main purpose of this class is enable the students to speak fluently in English. In class, students have the opportunity to discuss different topical issues based on current interesting themes, broadening their spectrum of English vocabulary process. The functional aspects of the language and speaking skills are also emphasized here.

Our program is ideal for the student who are preparing to enter tertiary education (locally and international).
This course consists of introduction, basic communication, pre-intermediate communication and intermediate communication to provide adequate skills necessary for students to handle the demands of English.

Your level of English will be defined after passing placements and interview by arrival
Schedule of classes:9 to 13:30 or 13:30 to 18:00
Duration of the classes: 4-5 hours per day / Mon to Fri




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