Diploma in Business Management(R2/345/4/0329)(05/28)(MQA/FA1974)

Studying hard, memorizing words on books and in class to score academically are common teaching methods that are applied by most schools and colleges in Malaysia. Education is supposed to be in a state of transitions. We believe the ‘old’ methods of teaching are not effective enough for this generation of multiple types of intellectual students. We are initiating change to be the first college in Malaysia to turn ‘the game of education’ around to produce an innovative learning system.

  • Unique Teaching

    We are the only college conduct
    game-based learning in class.

  • 100% Full

    Everyone can get our
    scholarship easily.

  • Guided by Successful Entrepreneus

    Students will be guided by highly successful and qualified entrepreneurs

  • Start Your Own Business

    We are ready to offer business funds to our students to jump start their own business and also to guide them in their career pathway.

  • 100% Job Guarantee

    We have multiple collaborative partners to ensure students have the proper placement in the industry they are interested in.

  • Extra Miles that we provide

    Various additional programs and activities will be held to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding and learning.

Course Information

Course Syllabus

  • Fundamental of Business
  • Fundamental of Management
  • Fundamental of Marketing
  • Business Communication
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Principles of Operation Management
  • Financial Management
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Financial Accounting 1&2
  • Micro & Macro Economics
  • Organization Behaviour
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Law
  • Fundamentals of Information Technology
  • Fundamentals of Multimedia Technology
  • English Language for Academic Purposes
  • Creative Thinking
  • General Psychology

Course Intakes

January / May / October

Entry Requirements

– 3 credits in any subject with a pass in BM and sejarah

Why Study With Us

  • We make the class fun and interesting with learning and teaching through games lessons
  • Students don’t need to memorize more when studying at TMC, we encourage them to better understand the theory while having fun
  • Several outside-ofclassroom activities to encourage students to participate and experience the great joy of learning
  • Most students will be more willing to learn while having fun especially in classrooms
  • Easy learning while they learn through playing a game and be able to apply the learned materials easily
  • Students will understand all aspects of different business concepts by playing game

We aim to develop students’ soft skills by offering value-added curriculums under the course without extra payments like other colleges. These soft skills would touch on:

  • First class leadership
  • Social media master
  • Personal grooming
  • Creative master
  • Make stress your friend
  • Effective Communications skills

After we well prepared/equipped of our students with all important skills above, we proceed to make them a boss by assist them to set up their own business in terms of business fund, business proposal, investor, partnership.

  • We organise a wholesome amount of activities to enable students to gain exposure and get working experience before they even start their career
  • We create a lot of opportunities to let student have the ‘First taste of prosperity’ throughout their studies.

What our students say

Hear what our students have to say about their experience at TMC College

Pay Jia Ying

My experience here at TMC is entirely unique compared to other colleges, I am able to form such personal and meaningful connection with friends if I was in any other colleges. At TMC our lecturers are incredibly positive and willing to help us with any issues we face. I will deeply cherish the memories I made here.

Pay Jia Ying

Ain Azmira

I am glad I have chosen the right college to pursue my studies in Foundation in Science. TMC College’s experience lecturers made me feel comfortable and it enabled me to interact well during classes. This proves the quality of TMC College. I would give good & excellent recommendations to anyone who wants to pursue their studies especially for those who want to be a doctor or dentist. Thank you for your great guidance “TMC” and you are the best.

Eva Wu

I liked TMC College very much. Learning here in TMC College has increased my confidence level because the method of teaching here is very unique which enables me to master professional skills. The lecturers here are also very professional and experienced. I enjoy studying in TMC College as it is the heaven that made me realize my dreams. TMC College is a place that opens every possible door to success.

Kew Mun Fai

Hi I’m THOMAS PETER from Diploma in Business Management. TMC College has good study environment and they using unique teaching method which different with other college. I make a lot of new friends here. The things that I like the most is the lecturers here teach in fun way in class and being supportive to every students. Besides that, TMC College also organize a lot of activities for students to make our study here fun and joyful.

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